About us

T&L Trading and Business Solutions

Our Mission

To connect people with knowledge in a way that transform businesses and organizations by providing higher quality training and development programmes beneficial to the ever changing labour market.

Our Vision

To be a leading HR, education and training consulting company that provides quality skills and development locally and internationally.

Our Values

• To meet our customers expectation

• We ensure timely and reliable response to all our client’s needs

• Guarantee professionalism in all the services we offer

• Becoming an organization that promotes mutual relationship with clients we are serving.

• Promotion and development of employees to their full potentials.


• To design and deliver training services to individuals in public and private sector organization.

• To provide quality training for office professionals to be able to meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern workplace.

• To equip new graduates with the work place coaching and training to capacitate them on the job

• To capacitate office professionals on new and improved methods of communication to meet the information needs of their clients.

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